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We are a property development and real estate investment group founded on a vision to provide affordable homes with uncompromising top-notch quality for all Malaysians. Our group operation strategy focuses on affordable housing and mix development in providing a platform to public and private land owners a sustainable business model that not only maximises the full potential of the development but also to engineer the most suitable products that meet the requirements of the local geographic, culture, community needs, income levels, policy makers and local council guidelines. Aspen Group boasts an outstanding in-house team that is made up of financial managers, architecture, engineering, construction, interior design and sales & marketing. This fusion of many talents ensures our control over construction processes to deliver a timely and quality product.

Our Vision & Mission

Here at Aspen, we take pride in what we do and we show it through the care, trust, passion and humility we exhibit with our customer & clients, our stakeholders and the community. Our core values represent our fundamental philosophical convictions and aspirations. They are foundational, enduring and meant to guide us through in all our business endevours.

Our Vision
Quality and affordability for everyone

Our Mission
To be the first in the industry that champions and offers unequalled quality and affordability for everyone and empowering lives.

An organization any organization is nothing more or less than the people who make it up.

This is about effort; we are here to provide value to all stakeholders, to the end user, to the policy makers, to the people of Aspen and to the community where we work.

We are here to lead, to be the best, nothing less.

If we are to compete effectively in the next century, we will be a global company. Our team will reflect Malaysians with global backgrounds and experiences. Aspen Shareholders and Board of Directors possess very diverse and rich range of experiences in both public and private sectors. The best of this will reflect in each and every endeavour undertaken by the group.

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TRI PINNACLE- Located in the premier part of town, residents of this urban housing will be very fortunate to able to have access to many conveniences within a short driving distance. Highly sought after, properties located at Tanjung Tokong cater for those looking for the best. TRI-Pinnacle is perfect for those who seek a more relaxed living away from the hustle and bustle of the city and still be spoiled with numerous amenities close by to fulfil every resident's social needs.

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Beacon - The newest addition to the many beautiful landmarks in the heart of George Town. Located well along Jalan Sungai Pinang, Beacon is a freehold development that is designed with a unique facade that is sure to outshine others.

*Expected debut end 2014

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HH Residence

Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!

*Expected debut end 2014

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Aspen Vision City

Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!

*Expected Phase 1 debut in end 2014

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Aspen Group aims to be one of the market leaders in not just the property development industry, but to pave the headway for our future generations.

We offer career opportunities that are second to none and a range of eco-friendly projects that will challenge and stretch you. We actively encourage personal development and training. If you are ready to take ownership of your job and handle the high expectations we demand from each other to deliver nothing but the best, then join us and help us make positive changes all around. We have excellent working conditions in modern offices, the best tools for the job and management support every step of the way.

Aspen Group is changing the face of development in Malaysia starting in Penang. We undertake some of today's most exciting and challenging green urban regeneration projects, bringing new life to towns and cities across the country.

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Guess Who Is Coming!

latest News - 7 January 2013

IKEA’s Entry Into Batu Kawan Is A Vote Of Confidence For Penang And A Boost To Making Seberang Perai As The Future Choice For Investments, Tourism & Habitat For Sustainable Living

The State Government and PDC’s strategic plans for Batu Kawan will receive an additional boost with the sale of 245 acres of land for the purpose of development of an integrated shopping mall, anchored by an IKEA store to be developed by Ikano Pte Ltd, and mixed development of offices and residences to be developed jointly by Aspen-Ikano (a joint venture company to be formed by Aspen Vision Land Sdn Bhd and Ikano Pte Ltd).

At the press conference, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, in welcoming this new investment by Aspen and Ikano, said the 245 acres development in Batu Kawan will include: • 30 acres for the development of IKEA Store and phase 1 of the Shopping Mall • 45 acres for the development of phase 2 of the Shopping Mall; and • 170 acres for mixed development purposes (Remaining Parcels) 

The total land cost for the project is RM 483,951,600 and payment is to be made within 60 months from the date of Agreement. A RM 5 million non-refundable deposit has also being paid to PDC. 

Also present in the press conference were PDC General Manager Dato’ Rosli Jaafar, Aspen Group Founder and Group CEO Dato’ M Murly, Aspen Group Co-Founder & Chairman Dato’ Seri Nazir Ariff, Executive Directors Dr. Lim Su Kiat and Mr Lee Peng Cheong and General Manager Ir Woo Kok Weng.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng informed that the entire commercial and mixed developments on the 245 acres of land are expected to be completed within 10 years from the date of Agreement. Notwithstanding that, the IKEA Store is to be developed and completed within the time frame mutually acceptable by both parties. The time frame that all parties are targeting at is about 5 years or sooner, depending on various surrounding, economic and demand factors.

Aspen and Ikano are expected to submit their development plans to Local Authorities this year and estimated to commence development activities by end of the year or early next year. In line with Aspen’s vision and strategies, a major part of the residential component will cater for the mass market with affordably priced and quality eco-friendly homes. 

This development is in line with PDC’s policy to promote and sell land to attract catalyst projects to Bandar Cassia, Batu Kawan. In doing so, PDC plans to provide services that will help complement the Industrial development sector for example in developing commercial centres, premium designer outlets, specialist hospital and international schools. 

Over the past years, the state government and PDC have been successful in wooing marquee investors to develop key projects in Batu Kawan. 

The success story is inclusive of the planned development of  educational investments and facilities such as KDU University College, University of Hull which will establish their school of Engineering, Accountancy, Law, Business Studies and Logistics. 

To complement this rapid development, the state government and PDC have also planned for the development of 11,800 units of public housing (less than RM 72,000 per unit) and affordable housing (between RM 72,000 – RM 250,000 per unit), thus setting the road map to make Batu Kawan a quality residential area for the future. 

Penangites have waited for many years for IKEA to open for business. Penang is proud that IKEA has chosen Batu Kawan as the first IKEA store outside Kuala Lumpur. With IKEA’s presence, the state government hopes that PDC will succeed in its efforts to make Batu Kawan a more attractive place for those from the island to live, learn, work and play. 

With an integrated commercial, advanced manufacturing and services hub together with good universities setting up shop in Batu Kawan, Seberang Perai Selatan would be as good as those from other parts of the state. The total value of IKEA investments will be made known when their key management personnel visits me next month. 

The state government is confident that the entry of IKEA into Batu Kawan is a vote of confidence for Penang and a boost to making Seberang Perai as the future choice for investments, tourism and habitat for sustainable living.  


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Penang's second bridge boosts land prices

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Real estate seen booming in Batu Kawan

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Real estate BOOM seen in Batu Kawan after Ikea news

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IKEA to open doors in Penang soon

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IKEA to open doors in Penang soon

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IKEA to open doors in Penang soon

The Sun - 10 January 2014
IKEA set to open in Penang


AMResearch - 23 January 2014
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